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I started my illustrious career as a street musician in Paris.  Then, I realized that eating was a daily habit.

My first degree was in Theater.  Then, I realized that eating was still a daily habit.  So, I worked as a union stage manager, massage therapist, light board and sound board op, built pitch books for Wall Street firms, coordinated events, gave psychic advice over the phone, waited a lot of tables and slung a lot of drinks.

After having my son, I reviewed my options and spent an odyssey getting my Master’s degree and became a Registered Dietitian.

In addition to working with LaDiva, I specialize in eating challenges with teens and kids 0-3.  I have worked on research studies focused on weight loss.  One concerned weight and the family dynamic.  Another that marked changes in weight, cholesterol and blood sugar stability.  They were successful and personally fulfilling.  I have learned that we have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.  I remind myself every time I take on a new client that I will learn more and help them faster by listening and understanding.

My question when people tell me about their eating patterns is: What do you want your food to do for you? Because eating is a daily habit.

I like martinis, but I do not think they make me prettier, funnier or will garner me the Nobel Peace Prize.  They distinguish the week from the weekend.  That is their purpose.  They fulfill it.

If I were to drink red wine to get anti-oxidants, the wine would not fulfill my expectations.  Unless I wanted to drink about 10 bottles.  If I drink red wine because it compliments my food and I am willing to risk the damage to my liver, then the food fulfills my expectations.  I’m an adult who pays taxes.  I can choose my own fate.

Gardening is really relaxing to me and I like my plant friends more than some folks that can move around on their own volition.   So, I’ll be updating the garden page from time to time.

Currently, I live with my husband, Mr. Fitz, cats named Rosa, Sally, Robie and am surviving being the parent of a teenager.  I have no idea how my parents dealt with 3 teens at once and 15 years of teenage angst.   Surprisingly neither one went bald or developed nervous ticks.  There is hope.  I tell myself this on a daily basis.

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