How to Subscribe to LaDiva’s Video Recipes


Why we did it - So many people felt the YouTube Channel was hard to navigate and couldn’t find what they needed.  People would email me asking about some recipe in the past and I wanted to be able to take the time to help.

If you have been to the YouTube Channel you will notice our FAV recipes and this Month’s Videos. The other 80 are archived.  This allows new folks to see what we have, and navigate easily. 

All new video recipes will be on the YouTube Channel for 30 days.  Then, they will be replaced. 

But if you want the videos and PDFs of the recipe, just subscribe and get a WHOLE LOT more.

Here’s the scoop - Every month we will have 4 NEW VIDEOS.  At least 3 of the NEW VIDEOS will be recipes.  The 4th may be a video recipe or a cooking technique or a shopping skill.  So many of our viewers are kitchen newbies.  We want to them cook safely and quickly.  Also, to buy ripe foods that will work in our recipes.  Cooking/shopping tips we are working on:

  1. BulletHow to cut fruits and vegetables

  2. BulletBaking Basics

  3. BulletHow to cook grains

  4. BulletHow to cook beans

  5. BulletHow to pick ripe peaches, avocados and other fruits

  6. BulletHow to pick a good ear of corn without husking and losing flavor

  7. BulletHow to create a shopping list

But there is more -

There are 2 ways to subscribe:

Monthly - You will get

  1. BulletLinks to the video recipes sent right to your email inbox.  Access to these videos for 1 year. 

  2. BulletPDFs for all the recipes so you can start your own collection. 

  3. BulletDietary Substitutions - Have a dietary issue such as gluten-free?  We will include substitution specifically for you.  If we can’t substitute, we will try to send something similar. 

  4. BulletAccess to archived recipes- If you need a recipe from the past or don’t know what to do with a certain food, we will send you links to everything that fits your inquiry.  Who else does that? WAIT THERE’S MORE -

  5. Bullet10% off everything on the LaDiva website for that month.  Including consultations and products like martini glasses! 

The cost? $4.95 for the month, or subscribe Annually and save 60%

Try getting a dietitian to give you any recipe substitutions for $5.95.

Annually - Okay, you get

  1. BulletLinks to new video recipes with 1 year access to these recipes

  2. BulletPDFs of recipes

  3. BulletDietary substitutions on recipes if needed

  4. BulletAccess to archived recipes

  5. Bullet10% off everything on the LaDiva website - For 1 year.

The cost? $36.00 for the year

Try getting a dietitian to give you ANY recipe substitutions for our discount price of $42 bucks, much less for 1 year!


Don’t miss a video or recipe!

Watch the video or read below.
Then Subscribe.  
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