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LaDiva Dietitian’s 2014 Farmers Market Recipe Book with ALL the recipes made this 2014 Season!  

GET the PDF Version or hardcopy.

LaDiva’s FAB Fall Culinary Club - Join LaDiva in the LaDiva studios with 9 other FAB folks during 4- 90 minute sessions of yummy food and fun while keeping your girl-ish figure. 
Class starts OCTOBER 1, 2015.

EARLY BIRD PRICE: $65 + $20 Materials - ENDS September 1!

Regular price: $80 + 20 Materials


Don’t miss a recipe or video - Our subscription service grew from fans wanting written recipes, needing basic kitchen skills and needing to find videos without sorting through a mountain of material.  For only $5.95 per month or $48.00 per year, you get:

  1. BulletAt least 4 video recipes and/or cooking/shopping skill videos a month

  2. BulletPDFs of all recipes

  3. Bullet10% off all other LaDiva Dietitian! services or products

  4. BulletUnlimited email contact for guidance on adapting recipes to allergies
        & other nutrition issues

LaDiva To Go - The first hour of a party is so-o-o LAME.  Everyone looks at each other wondering who will be next to arrive.  Make your first hour a BLAST with a LaDiva’s Cooking Craziness.  LaDiva and the Diva-ettes warm up your crowd with her hysterical take on cooking while making the appetizers and/or signature cocktails to get everyone having laughing.   Perfect for bridal showers, birthdays and kids afraid of scary clowns.  Click here for more info.  Pricing varies.

Corporate and Association conferences LUV her.  What better way to end 8 hours of sitting in chairs watching slide presentations?

LaDiva’s Cooking Craziness and the Diva-ettes can have a fun demo with audience tasters or work with your chef or caterer to create an entire meal for hundreds.  Your attendees will not only have a great time laughing and learning, but get goodie bags.  This demo can be part of  your Corporate Wellness program.  Find out how we helped lower cholesterol, weight and diabetic blood sugars at Geico Insurance. Contact us here:

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“LaDiva makes the kitchen come alive with humor . . . She is educating America one recipe at a time.”
Battisti Networks, LLC
“LaDiva make complex cooking completely digestible.”
East Stroudsburg University

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