Marty’s Presentations

Marty makes the kitchen come alive with humor.
Fran Battisti, 
Battisti Network, LLC

Exactly what the Conference Planner ordered


What does every conference need?  Speakers who are knowledgeable, engaging and make you forget about sitting all day.  Marty can give your conference exactly what it needs.  Her topics can be tailored to your event. 

  1. BulletShe has spent many years working in childhood/teen obesity, eating disorders, toddlers with behavioral and physical challenges to eating, weight gain and growth.  She produced a video, Million Dollar Nutrition on a Food Stamp Budget to help WIC families get the biggest nutritional bang for the buck and spent 3 years coordinating a research study focusing on obesity and the family dynamic

  2. BulletShe and LaDiva have written an Ebook, You’re Not Dead, Yet: Nutrition for the Over 50 Crowd.  Great information given with just the amount of wisdom and wry humor.  This was created from a presentation by the same name.

Here’s what program directors say about Marty:

"Marty Davey is one of the most valuable instructors on the Main Street Vegan Academy faculty. She knows her nutritional stuff, for certain, but even more valuable is that she imparts this information in a way that our students, adults being trained as Vegan Lifestyle Coach/Educators, can understand, remember, and get excited about. Marty is both a knowledgable nutrition professional and an experienced performer -- that's a rare and unbeatable combination." - Victoria Moran, author of Main Street Vegan and director, Main Street Vegan Academy

“The knowledge, research, and personal experiences conveyed in your presentation Trending Now: Plant Based and Yummy were valued by our participants and contributed to the success of the event.” - Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

A dynamic and enthusiastic presenter, brings her extensive knowledge of health and nutrition . . . that address the dietary challenges of today.” - Cal Simmons, The Informed Traveler

“Marty makes nutrition simple because she makes it simply make sense.  Our participants like her because of the easy and fun way she connects the dots.” - Nancy Hooke, Program Director, The Friendly Community Center

“Ms. Marty started our students planting seeds.  Now she teaches the culinary class.  She has gotten our students to understand nutrition, literally, from the ground up. - Megan May, Principal, STARS Program, Wordsworth