Did you ever want your own dietitian?  Someone who would listen to you, your lifestyle, your specific food challenges? 

You can.  Marty Davey, MS, RD is a registered dietitian.  Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist.  But ask whether they are allowed to work in hospital or have a take sciences on a Master level or studied pharmaceuticals as well as herbs.

AND she can come to your home or office.  Yep, being local is worth a lot.  We want to take care of our local friends.

Every client is different.  So there is no “diet plan” except for the one you and Marty create.  Here is what Marty has helped clients do:

- Strategize a busy life with a healthy food

  1. -Quit fighting the scale and Manage your weight

  2. -Manage an allergy better or possibly get rid of it

  3. -Lower or get rid of meds

  4. -Teach quick label reading

  5. -Plan for a week of success

  6. -Put you back on the track to better health

Marty can come to your home or apartment and do a hands on assessment of how you can get to your optimal wellness.  When meeting clients, in an office she found clients would agree to a plan without the kitchen equipment or skills to make it happen.  That doesn’t lead to success.  Coming to your environment clarifies the strategies and recommendations you and Marty create to realize your goals.

What clients say about Marty

This was great.  I learned so much and I really liked the cooking part.  It is okay to try food and not like it.  Then, try something else and find you think it is fantastic.”

                                                                        - Karen, Bethlehem

My son is a triplet who has cerebral palsy. He is 19 months old. I contacted Marty because my son was losing weight. He was already so small and had trouble keeping food down, constipation and/or diarrhea. It is important for my son to gain weight as fast as possible. Marty took time with me and made me feel that I was a good mom doing the best job I could. That helped. Then, she talked with me for a while about all of my food concerns. She decided, because I am local, that we should meet at a grocery store and shop for our next consultation. That was really great. We could talk about foods as I went through my regular routine. I had 4 of my other 7 children with us. That was trial by itself.

My son began gaining weight that week. He found some really health foods that he liked and had no GI problems with. My son had surgery and Marty contacted me to find out how things are going. We will be working together in the future and I am so grateful to have this professional that works with my life and gives me this support. I would highly recommend her!

                                                                                           - Beth, East Stroudsburg, PA

Marty’s NEPA Consultations

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A transportation fee may be assessed depending on location for In-Home Consultation.

       Many Insurance 
      plans accepted.

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